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laboratory construction planning

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laboratory construction planning
laboratory construction  planning

                                          Laboratory construction planning


discipline, professional and the current situation of laboratory construction of  Institute of science and technology of computer and Information Science Laboratory of Department of 1998 established, by strengthening the management experiment, experimental project selection, pay attention to experimental process, to highlight the experimental effect means, from multi directions and multi levels, improve students application ability, practice ability and innovation ability, initially built the Yongzhou City of computer and information technology major in application oriented talent training base. For several years, we have been working on the idea of "experimental teaching reform to promote the construction of the laboratory", and has made some achievements. 1 experimental teaching is an important part of undergraduate teaching, and it is the key link to implement quality education and cultivate talents with practical ability and innovative spirit. Practice is to discover the theory, to test the theory of the root, is to cultivate innovative talents. We need to follow the requirements of the experimental teaching demonstration center, strengthen the teaching infrastructure, and constantly promote the teaching reform, and strive to provide demonstration experience for the experimental teaching in Colleges and universities, and promote the construction of the laboratory. For several years, we have been working on the idea of "experimental teaching reform to promote the construction of the laboratory", and has made some achievements. Adhere to the 2. The experiment teaching philosophy of "academic, a man first, innovation as the soul," the idea of running a school, pay attention to the students' knowledge, ability, quality and personality of the comprehensive development, cultivate and bring up high level talents with innovative spirit and practical ability. Experimental teaching in the content, methods, means high starting point, with advanced nature, the formation of a new experimental teaching system for students to open. School in order to ensure that the planning of the implementation of the formulated a series of relevant policies, and adhere to the annual laboratory evaluation, evaluation content is including the quality of experimental teaching, experimental teaching equipment and environment and experimental teaching team. In order to improve the experimental conditions, the school year by year to increase the input of experimental teaching. Under the unified planning and deployment of the school, computer laboratory pay close attention to implementation, strive to build a provincial and even national experimental teaching demonstration center, train and bring up a solid foundation, excellent overall quality, with high-quality talents with innovation spirit and practice ability. 3. The practice teaching reform of (1) to establish information technology education base and maximally realize reorganization of resources, optimal allocation, resource sharing and intensive management, improve equipment utilization rate, enhance for the majority of teachers and students in teaching, research and service ability, and promote the deepening of the teaching reform. (2) to construct the experimental teaching system with the combination of verification experiment, comprehensive and design experiment and theoretical teaching. Adhere to both experimental teaching and theoretical teaching, to overcome the tendency of heavy theory light experiment. Increasing the experimental class hours and improving the proportion of the class hours of the experimental hours. According to the teaching needs, constantly revise the teaching outline, strengthen the organic integration of theoretical teaching and experimental teaching. (3) to strengthen the construction of experimental teaching team, and comprehensively improve the teaching level of the laboratory and the ability to undertake tasks. (4) the reform of experimental teaching management approach to the curriculum group for the organization of experimental teaching, design experimental project and the preparation of teaching materials. (5) experimental teaching with multimedia network teaching, to build a good information platform for teaching to provide a good network environment and rich teaching resources. Actively using modern educational technology and means of teaching. (6) the reform of the examination method, the development of the examination system based on the network environment.
Two, the construction of laboratory construction of the guiding ideology and the guiding ideology, objectives of the 1 Department of computer and information science laboratory is based on the original audio-visual center on the laboratory, for a long time, due to historical reasons, a serious shortage of experimental equipment, backward technology, experimental teaching content obsolete, single teaching form, has been unable to meet the needs of sustainable development education through the construction of this project, we will reform the experimental teaching system as a leader, to change the teaching ideas for the pilot to experiment course system, experiment teaching content, experiment teaching method reform as the core, the construction of Laboratory of basic computer courses to promote the comprehensive, improve the experimental teaching methods, strengthen the standardized management of the laboratory and improve the level of experiment teaching and the benefit of investment, and strive to build a demonstration of Information Technology Hunan area. Laboratory, better training of qualified talents for the economic and social development of Yongzhou to make greater contributions. 2. The research and practice of the method of the construction of the target through the side research, side practice, edge inspection, edge enhancement, and the promotion of radiation. The establishment of a has a relatively independent experimental course system; using scientific and open teaching method and form, and comprehensively improve the quality and level of experiment teaching; increase the comprehensive, design, innovation experiment, culture has strong innovation ability and practice ability, professional export diameter is wide, adapt to the social needs of the application type, compound type talent. And in the south of Hunan Province reached first-class level, become the southern region of Department of computer and information science experimental teaching demonstration center, complete the following objectives: the laboratory implementation of school and department level management, open to the outside of the school. The school is responsible for the construction of the laboratory, to provide its normal operation, maintenance and renovation funds. At the same time, the laboratory undertakes the basic experiment teaching work, and actively carry out the research of the curriculum system, the content, the theory and the technical method of the experiment teaching. Using modern technology to realize teaching, experimental basic work information and computer network management. In order to meet the normal operation of the laboratory 。 

laboratory construction  planninglaboratory construction  planning


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